Boards and Commissions

Town Boards

  • Municipal Planning Commission
  • Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
  • Eckville Emergency Management Agency

Become a Member

You can help your community by serving as a member of a town advisory board. Details on each advisory board can be obtained from the Town Office. If you are interested in serving on one of the boards, please visit the Town Office or call 403-746-2171.

Municipal Planning Commission

About the MPC

The Municipal Planning Commission is an organization that governs decisions made surrounding building and development applications. The MPC meets the first Monday of each month, as required. The public is welcome to attend all MPC meetings. Notices of MPC decisions are posted in the local newspaper and may be appealed through the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.


 Mayor Colleen Ebden, Chairman
 Councilor Jacquie Palm-Fraser,  Councilor Collin Pacholek, Diane Eliuk, & Sherry Meyers. 

 Development Officer Jack Ramsden.

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board


The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board contains both members-at-large and Councilors. The SDAB deals with appeals in regards to decisions made by the Municipal Planning Commission. Meetings are held as required.


If you would like to make an appeal in regards to a decision made by the Municipal Planning Commission, please send a letter to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Secretary. Appeals must be officially received no later than 14 days after the notice of decision. 

Letters can be addressed as follows:
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Secretary
Box 578
Eckville, AB T0M 0X0

Eckville Emergency Management Agency


The Eckville Emergency Management Agency helps provide assistance during emergency events and works in partnership with businesses to follow Emergency Response Plans and the Lacombe Regional Emergency Management Partnership to provide services to residents during emergencies. To do your part, ensure that you have a 72 hour emergency preparedness kit in your home. For more information about emergency preparedness kits, follow this link.  
In the event of an emergency (power outages, flooding, etc.), the primary reception center for the town of Eckville is the Eckville Community Center. Once a state of emergency is declared, the EEMA may choose to activate the primary reception center. If you are in an immediate, life-threatening situation please call 911.

Lacombe Regional Emergency Management Partnership

To find out more information about this organization, visit their website here.