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The Eckville Playschool is presently involved with the Think Recycle environmental education and fundraising program and would like to invite the community of Eckville to join them in reducing our environmental impact.  Think Recycle will reward the Eckville Playschool with rebates for cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, MP3's, laptops, inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges.  Also, Think Recycle, in partnership with Tree Canada, will plant 1 tree for every 24 qualifying products the Eckville Playschool collects.  Unused or unwanted qualifying products can be dropped off in the main entrance of the Eckville Elementary School or at Powers Enterprises.

Online payments for Town Utilities and Tax Payments can be made at ATB Financial, CIBC, any Credit Union and ScotiaBank

Business Licenses and Animal Tags for 2013 can be purchased at the Town Office during regular business hours starting December 1st.

Please have your black garbage tote out on the street by 8 a.m. on Wednesday mornings to ensure pickup.  Please do not put it beside streetlights, poles, or parked vehicles which may prevent the garbage truck from easily picking up your tote.  Totes that are not easily accessible by the garbage truck will no longer be picked up. To avoid vandalism to your garbage tote, please remove it from the curb as soon as possible after garbage pickup.

The Eckville & District History Books, Memories to the Millennium, have been reduced from $55 to $40.  They can be purchased at the Town Office.

The following are the Volunteer Boards that the Town of Eckville recruits members for:
Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)
Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB)
Eckville Emergency Management Agency (EEMA)
Eckville Municipal Library
Eckville Community Centre
If you are interested in serving on any of the above Boards or for more information please contact the Town Office at 746-2171.

Eckville Pedestrian Network Plan

 Scholarship Recipients
Congratulations to the 2012 Town of Eckville Scholarship recipients:
Eckford Trophy & Scholarship - Danielle Klassen
Mellisa Hollingsworth Sports Scholarship - Brittany Kleeberger