History of Eckville

The name "Eckville" commemorates Arthur E. T. Eckford.  The original landowner of "Old Eckville", Mr. Eckford, immigrated from Ireland to the district in 1902.  In 1905, he donated land for a store and a post office.  By 1908, the Hamlet included a hotel, cheese factory, blacksmith shop, and a school across the river.  In 1912 when the Canadian National Railroad completed its line 1 1/2 miles south of Eckville, people and businesses moved to establish "New Eckville" at its present location.

Eckville was incorporated as a Village in 1921 and became a town in 1966.  The Town celebrated its 75th Anniversary in June 1996 and was most honored to have in attendance several members of the Eckford family.  A Time Capsule Monument was unveiled to commemorate the event.  The capsule contains current day memorabilia that will be opened in 2046.

Well-known explorer, Anthony Henday, has referred to the Eckville area in his travels.  He is reported to have been told by his Cree Indian guides that the hill northwest of Eckville offered his last view of the "Shining Mountains" as he travelled east.  Hence, the name "Last Hill" was given to the hill and the local creek.  One of the golf courses, located on the hill, has also adopted the name.